March 30, 2010

if you ask me, 
he definitely said i love you first..
but if you ask him,
he will give you a different story.
okay maybe it slipped out of my mouth, 
but who could resist?
i have been waiting my whole life 
to proclaim my love for such a stud :)
 warning: this blog will be 
relentlesely lovey dovey
and perhaps over the top..
with regards to my affections 
for a certain gentleman.
but such is the case in 
documenting our life 
t o g e t h e r.
haha. but there is no shame in honesty.
nor in true love.
so as we prepare for our 
marriage with all the emotions of engagement,
we would like to share our 
love story. 

stay tuned! :) 

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