August 23, 2010

t w o   m o n t h s
sometimes i wake up and notice a noise. i look over and there is a man next to me. seconds later i think to my self yes i am married and yes that is my husband. it is crazy how fast the last two months have gone by. well its been a few days since we celebrated our two months, but i would still like to document it. there are a lot of amazing things about being married. my favorite are all the little things like waking up next to your best friend, being so poor that you have to be unbelievably creative when making dinner (this has been a struggle for me :), or perhaps the little moments you laugh yourself silly because you just fought over the stupidest thing, my absolute favorite though - watching my husband kneel to pray every single morning and evening and just feeling the safety that brings to our home. i love that my husband loves god. it really makes me love him in a much deeper and different way. so anyway updates in our life at two months - well, i have finally reached what people refer to as "baby crazy" i know i am no where need "ready" to have a child, but goodness gracious every sunday at church there are little babies every just being so ultra cute and huggable and holdable and .. we will be waiting a little while longer.. michael is SO excited for school, and although i wish i could say the same thing i will settle with the fact that i appreciate structure. so besides the fact that i am slowly getting our house together and writing a million thank you cards, life is S I M P L Y B E A U T I F U L.

here are some new pictures/random adventures

this is for miss miriam goldberg. we stopped by your house while we were in NY to see if your family was home!
 haha michael LOVED your house. 

these are the ribbons my teammates and i used to tie on this bar before every big race. they have added a lot! 
we would all spit in the pond at the same time for good luck :)

so cute. bath time! 

penny turned one! i got to be there for a little birthday celebration while we were in NY

i had to opportunity to be part of the bridal party of my best friend's wedding at the end of july. she was stunning.
 i loved everything little piece of her wedding and it was SO FUN. 
congratulations to emily and stuart lange! 

rachel is another very good friend also a teammate. emily married her brother :)

the lange family. i love them! 

so here is our family room as of now.. still needs some work, but we are getting there! 
haha don't you love our only and cute little two seater couch? 

so i tried to copy this painting at bed bath and beyond that was 100 dollars. 
this is my fifteen dollar rendition haha

michael loves faith! 


  1. Jess! You two are just adorable! Your home is beautiful! Love the update!

  2. Jess your house looks so good! love the blog keep it up :)