August 29, 2010

i thought this was an appropriate saying on the eve of a new school year. michael is very excited for school to start, in fact he is very stressed right now making sure his backpack is full of all the supplies and books he will need tomorrow for his classes (he reminds me of a little second grader who wore her "first day" of school outfit to bed including bead covered socks and saddle shoes because she was so excited, yup my mom had a good laugh over that) needless to say having an extraordinarily motivated husband has caused me to reflect on goal setting and accomplishing. both are within our own hands and minds. i have often heard we are what we think we are. improving our thoughts may be the most effective thing we can do to change. as we each embark on this new year (whether a student or mom or working woman or man or what have you) may you keep this phrase in mind. the world is your oyster. we can make of it what we desire. and in so doing motivate other people to also improve their oysters :) best of luck to everyone. dream big! and be relentless in your pursuit of something better, higher, harder, faster, greater, larger, and more worthwhile.

jessica grace

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