August 7, 2010

we apologize for our neglect to updating the blog.
so where did we last leave off... oh yea we got MARRIED!
yes on june 19th we sealed our love for time and all eternity.
then to cancun mexico we went.
and i got extraordinarily sick.
the toilet became my new best friend.
and my husband michael got to see a whole different side of me!!
i cried, i slept next to the toilet,
i passed out a few times, i rested for days...

i even screamed a few times because being sick for days is very painful
regardless i must say michael was a trooper
he took such good care of me.

after the sickness passed we really enjoyed our time in mexico
i ate many empinadas (not sure how to spell it)
they are these cheese and meat filled tortilla things
(which i absolutely loved)

we played tennis (almost passed out because i didnt have any energy)
we had a lot of fun and hope you enjoy a few pictures!

i feel like i look a little tired and weak here..
this was my first day outside of the hotel room
delicious mexican celebration night!

we woke up to this one morning. absolutely beautiful view from our room

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  1. So fun! Sorry you were sick but yay for your honeymoon!