marriage. oh marriage.

August 7, 2010

yes two posts in one day.
really though its been a while so i think it is necessary.
so here are some pictures since the last little while.
michael and i are both working right now,
he works at the MTC & i work as a research assistant for a professor.
i am also completing my internship (cant wait to be done)
our house is slowly coming together :)
and we just started a short supply of food storage!! woo!
anyway things are going well we are just busy busy busy.
oh and we just spent some time in NY for out last wedding reception, which was wonderful thanks to the Carter family.
how i miss the people who have played such a huge part of my life.
it was awesome to take michael back to my home
i even got him to say, "i can see myself living here"
cross your fingers
xo jessica gracean attempted birthday cake..
our house was so hot that the frosting melted.. haha

making my honey some cake!

on our way to cheesecake factory for michael's birthday dinner!!

we went longboarding with the langes :) emily and stuart
SO fun. although michael and i were far behind haha

michael and i play tennis a lot. 
i love it although i know it probably gets boring for him
since he is a bagillion times better than me. he is so kind to play with me :)

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  1. All these pics are so adorable! you and michael look so happy!!! and happy late bday to michael! love you girl