September 1, 2010

the lovely first day of september
there must be a million reasons why i love september so i will mention a few here.
fall, which is my most favorite season. but only in upstate new york 
(i have yet to find anything so beautiful)
the smells, the colors, the temperatures, the runs, the apple picking, the holidays, the pumpkins and yummy spices, the thankfulness, the family times  -- e v e r y t h i n g  is better in the fall 

cross country season
there is something about fall that brings my desire to run to an all time high
although i will not be competing for brigham young this year, my heart craves racing 
again nothing compares to racing in knee high mud on a breathtaking trail in new york

school starts
i always think its so exciting when everyone returns back to provo to begin a new semester
new friends are made, new memories experienced, and lots of structure back into life

perhaps my most favorite thing about fall is apple cider
yes it deserves its own category, i am in L O V E with apple cider
how i love to go for walks and sit outside on a chilly day just drinking my apple cider
my mother makes the best homemade apple cider
i love when it send chills down your spine until you feel the warmth hit your toes

oh. and another perk about fall is my courtship with michael started around this time :) on the important days throughout the september month and perhaps october i will share some flashback memories of where we were a year ago. how thankful i am for my sweet husband.

he is amazing.

so here are a few pictures (by few i mean really a few) enjoy!! 

the very first day of school!
our motto this year :)
my new little creative spot i created
there will be lots of creating here.
i love to create.
create create create :)

jessica grace

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