September 18, 2010

last night we had Caitlin and Spencer over because they both had birthdays this week! we had such a wonderful time talking to them and eating chicken and brocoli (which caitlin has had for pretty much every birthday) we then enjoyed yummy treats and games! how i love my sister and how thankful i am for her. thank goodness she was born to my parents because my life would be empty without her.

in memory of her birthday, i would like to share one of our best times together. this is a story we tell a lot, but it never seems to get old for the both of us. when we were little girls we would find all sorts of adventures to take part in. i remember many summer nights that my parents would have us go to bed when it was still light out!! haha we would be so sad because we could see other kids right outside of our window still playing, but nonetheless we would just continue our playing inside even though we were supposed to be sleeping. i remember one night we had gathered all of our stuffed animals into this blanket my grandmother made for us. we had our beds close, with about a four foot gap in between. i stood on my bed while she stood on hers, each of us holding an end of the blanket filled with stuffed animals. we then counted to three and watched as all the stuffed animals fell around us. i am not sure how many times we did this, but we found it very amusing. we then invented a game called peter pan where we interlinked arms across the bed and would run as fast as we could from bed to bed. the giggles of little girls filled the house. all of the sudden we heard "girls!" we raced to get under our covers and pretend we were sleeping, smiling ofcourse because we were having so much fun. i could hear my dad coming up the stairs. he told us to settle down and go to sleep even though i am sure we looked so very innocent. how i love memories like this one. but even more so how i love the person i spent my childhood with.

to caitlin, i hope you have an amazing year filled with joy, happiness, and love. XOXOXO

i wish we still had these bathing suits :)