October 26, 2010

i hope everyone is having a wonderful fall season so far. i just absolutely love this time of year.

so it's been a WHILE since i posted anything about our lifeee... 

 michael and i outside of the provo temple one afternoon. so much for a nice picture :)

so this next picture deserves a good intro.
michael's mom bought us a flavor wave turbo
it's like this oven thing that cooks super fast.
i LOVE it. 

i recommend it.
also by the look on michael's face, its quite the experience!

 we had the opportunity to go to general conference 
with michael's mission buddy damian and his wife gabriela. 
they are just so wonderful. it was an awesome experience. 
(for those who don't know general conference happens 2 times a year. it is a world broadcasted event where the apostles and prophet speak to us. it is such an amazing opportunity. if you are ever in salt lake in april or october check it out!)

the first weekend of october we flew to california for michael's nephew's baptism.
it was a great weekend filled with lots of family and ofcourse tennis!

 on our way to palm springs for a tennis tournament we saw so many of these! it was crazy!
 melanie and brittanie both did very well in this tournament :)
it was fabulous to see them play

 okay so there is an update in pictures! here is an update in words :)
michael and i are very happy.
we are very stressed, but happy. 
school and work are top priority right now, which can be difficult at times
more so for me than him :) if i could have it my way we would be together 24/7.
but we are working hard for good reasons - so one day we can have a family!
we are looking at going on a field study to south africa this spring and summer
this was an adventure i was going to do myself before we got married, 
but going t o g e t h e r will be way more fun. 
so yea. we are working on proposals for grants and all that fun stuff.
our thanksgiving plans are to stay in utah
michael's family will be coming up from california.
i hope i make a good thanksgiving dinner!! 
so in a nut shell, life is great, 
michael is obssessed with the movie inception
and we are two little love birds sitting in a tree :)

so these are the most delicious pumpkin cookies. find the recipe here
i take pictures of like everything i make because i feel so accomplished. haha

so to you and yours we wish a very happy halloween this weekend!
stay tuned for more happy happenings from the erasos!
we love you all.

jessica grace

ps. here is a sneak peak at soon to come wedding pictures.
yes it is a picture of my computer, but my photographer doesn't allow any stealing of pictures
probably a smart thing.
regardless i am very excited to share them soon!


  1. Jess! You seem so happy! Love and miss you! P.S. I have the BEST pumpkin cookie recipe! I'll send it to you and I know you will just DIE!

  2. Soo! I want you to know that you totally turned me onto "the girl who eats everything's" blog! I absolutely love it! Thank you! You look like you two are having a blast :-) Stay sweet!