October 31, 2010

happy halloween!
this time of year denotes a fairly high paced race to december. 
what i really mean is time flies and i am left wondering where it all went.

michael and i had a wonderful weekend with friends and food :)
we don't have a lot of money.. lets be honest we are newlyweds!

so we decided to be ourselves this year.. GEEKS :)
really though you should see what our week days and weekends consist of.
studying, wishing we had more time to studying, and oh wait.. more studying.

sorry i just had to share both because michael's facial expression kills me.

and these are some witch cupcakes i made for our ward party.
my good friend quinta and i had a great time making y u m m y halloween treats yesterday. 
i don't have pictures of hers but they were the most delicious tasting eyeballs.

we love ya! 

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