November 1, 2010

n o v e m e b e r 
is here!
that means it is the month to be thankful.
so here is the first day of thankfulness!
i am thankful for my husband :)
i know cliche right?
but he IS my most favorite person in the world

so a bajillion people ask me about my running and my heart daily. 
so i thought i would do a "fill ya in" post on the latest and greatest from my health.

as many you of you are aware, in january i started having some severe chest pain
which was determined by my doctors to be heart related.
this was a picture taken when i had all these probes on me.. which was not fun. 
for a few weeks i had to wear this contraption.
anyway.. the last 10 months i have not been able to run without chest pain.
if i were to vent right now (which i will spare you) i would tell you how annoying it has been.
but i am thankful its not something worse, and that i am still able to function normally.
my frustration comes out of the fact that no, it still has not been figured out.
so i don't know what is wrong with me
but i have my own hypotheses
hopefully someday i will be able to run pain free and over a few miles. 
that is usually all i can last until i have to walk.
so the story goes - i am not running for BYU anymore
YES it makes me sad, and i don't like to talk about it
YES i probably have shed over a thousand tears because of it
YES i miss running like you have no idea
but YES it was a good time in my life to be done
and YES i am careful and doing the best i can
so hopefully it all gets taken care of soon!

happy first day of november :)


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