November 15, 2010

i am thankful for music.

on a side note i have already busted out the christmas songs,
which to michael's displeasure is a few weeks too early.

music is everything.
when i try and save a memory in my not so good saving memories brain,
i usually associate a song with it.
weird i know.
most people unconciously associate feelings, smells, images, etc.
but i prefer a song.
i think that is sometimes the best way to feel, convey, and create an emotion.
i love it.
i love belting out my lungs to most songs whenever..
the car, the shower, in the house..
but i also love the way music brings a peace into my soul in those quiet moments.
anyway, sorry for being cheesy :)

 ice cream treat after lots of studying!

 a little sunday morning breakfast with caitlin and spencer
pumpkin pancakes, magelby's syrup, sausage, eggs, and lemon muffins :)


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