November 2, 2010

i am thankful for my hands
this one may be a bit unclear
so for clarifcation..
i cannot imagine life without my hands.
what a blessing they are.
here is a list of all the things i am so thankful i can do with my hands
1. create things
2. clean (clean houses make me happy)
3. feel textures (creepy, i know but i love to feel things)
4. draw; i love smearing my pastels painting with my fingers instead of "art tools"
5. hold my honey's hand :)
6. reach out to others when they need a hand (think metaphorically)
7. talk (i find it very difficult to portray my feelings without using my hands)
8. play the piano and guitar
9. tell a story (every wrinkle, every scar, they all tell a story)
10. reach for the stars 
(again metaphorically, but it has a lot of meaning to me)
happy day!

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