November 28, 2010

t h a n k s g i v i n g 

 i apologize for the delay in posting anything for the past few weeks
but at the same time i am not sure anyone really "folows" my blog 
so i don't feel too bad :)
regardless, it de stresses me to write 
so write i will! 
the past week michael's family came into town for thanksgiving. 
which means for dinner.
you know, the dinner that takes days to prepare
and everyone stuffs their tummys with delicious plates of food?
yes that one.
and wait did i mention they came to us!
which =  jessica making (attempting to) a thanksgiving feast.
oh my it was difficult, but so very fun.

the little girls helped me make pies and rolls the day before.

and i also made this delicious
no really  i am not just biased.
i made an unforgettably delectible pumpkin cheesecake from the saveur magazine.

 and my biggest accomplishment (with the help of my mother in law)
was my very first turkey!
haha stuffed with apples, onions, and an assortment of spices
with an applecider, thyme and butter glaze
and a pretty yummy apple spice gravy

here is the table of food
we had to be creative because our apartment is rather small
so that is michael's desk


 michael's beautiful family and spencer (good family friend) and ashleigh (good friend of ours)
 loved our family time over thanksgiving :)



  1. i follow you jess so that's at least one person!! :) plus is says you have like 14 followers. that is significantly more than my 3

  2. I follow your blog, and i realllllly love it when a new post of yours pops up in my google reader! I love you! And congrats on making your first Thanksgiving dinner! I bet it was delish! You are amazing!