November 4, 2010

i am thankful for love.
“Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for, forgotten by everybody, 
I think that is a much greater hunger,
a much greater poverty than the person who has nothing to eat.”
Mother Teresa 

50 things about us
1. She is from New York.
2. He is from California.
3. We both are undergrads at Brigham Young University.
Him: Nutritional Science. Her: Human Development.
4. We both did collegiate athletics.
Him: Tennis. Her: Track and XC.
5. He served his mission in Independence, Missouri.
6. He is cool. He is ethnic. He is columbian.
7. He speaks fluent Spanish. She can say ola.
8. We are bestest friends.
9. She is persistent with her procrastination skills.
10. He cannot not plan e v e r y t h i n g. 
11. He eats ketchup with all his meals.
12. She prefers salt and pepper.
13. She eats blocks of cheese regularly.
14. She is afraid of the dark and cannot be alone.
15. If she is alone, he stays on the phone until she falls asleep.
(with all lights on, and all doors locked).
16. He likes to sing every range in music, all in one verse with his own made up notes.
17. She is teaching him how to sing.
18. We do not share our comforter.
19. She has her own blankets. He has his own.
20. She is obsessed with Taylor Swift.
21. He is obsessed with the gospel.
22. She can't wait to be a mom.
23. She gets made fun of for saying elementary school instead of elementry.
24. He is  practical and rational.
25. She is a dreamer.
26. We have an obsession with McDonald's 1$ cheeseburgers.
27. We regularly talk about our kids, which we don't even have yet.
28. When he first kissed her, she pulled away.
29. He told her she was making the biggest mistake of her life when she tried to dump him. 
(Turns out he was right on that one)
30. He thinks she said I love you first, she thinks otherwise.
31. Even after being married, we still don't have that answer.
32. He proposed to her under a waterfall with Christmas lights everywhere.
33. She could hardly stop crying to say yes when it happened.
34. She is obsessed with living in east coast cities.
35. He can't wait to live in California.
36. We press snooze at least three times every morning.
37. She won't let him kiss her until he has brushed his teeth.
38. Sometimes we laugh until we can't breathe.
39. We are both really loud when we are excited about something.
40. She always forgets things and then turns around to find them in his pockets.
41. We have a bad habit of driving to school when we live less than 5 blocks away.
42. She wants to save the world.
43. He wants to join her.
44. We can't go 5 minutes without saying i miss you.
45. We are helpless romantics.
46. He gets mistaken for a ninja turtle all the time
(michael angelo is his name)
47. She cries very easily and is pretty moody sometimes. 
48. He still never gives up on her.
49. He prefers fiber. all the time.
50. We are both so in love and can't wait for what's to come. just two little love birds.



  1. I love all of the quick facts!

  2. Haha jessica! I love this!!! I seriously laughed like 5 different times. Esp the eats blocks of cheese regularly. haha love you!