November 8, 2010

i am thankful for life. 
sometimes i just sit on my bed and look around at all the walls in our bedroom.
not many of them are covered, but there is a little painting i attempted of the salt lake temple,
a few pictures of me and the lovely mr. eraso,
and a turquoise dresser with a beautiful brown antique mirror placed upon it,
oh a darling little hat box full of little treasures i can't seem to throw away.
my mind then drifts to our cozy little apartment.
that although old, has enough character to paint pictures in my mind of what it was like to live in this building.
our apartment is actually a part of a building that used to be the byu academy dorms,
when byu was an academy and across the street (now the provo library)
the architecture is beautiful, high ceilings, wood floors, detailed woodwork in the and around the doorways.
my favorite part is the large front window that looks out onto the street and showcases our beautiful tree in the font yard.
and the fact that when i play the piano it rings through the whole room.
i cannot tell you what that sound does to my heart. 
its a beautiful thing, music.

all of these things seem insignificant to most who visit,
but i adore every little thing about our home. 
it leads me to appreciate life.
the skills and talents people had to create this lovely little abode.
the memories that were made in this building years ago,
the way it smells, the simplicity of tile. 
the warmth when the old heater is working so hard.
the peace that i feel when i am inside
the safety that comes from being away from the rest of the world. 
the place where we (mr.eraso and i) have started our marriage and life together.

i am so thankful for every little thing in this life.
i find joy in so many things i cannot name them all.
but i must give credit for what inspired my thankful post today.

it was this beautiful illustration of life by stephanie nielson.
i promise if you watch it, it will change your life.
how thankful i am to you stephanie (even though you won't see this)
for your optimisim and love of what you have been given,
what an example you are to anyone who has the privelage of listening to your story.
please watch.

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