December 12, 2010

i have been rather crAfty lately. 

it calms me down. really.
most girls prefer shopping for clothes and shoes and accessories.
no thanks, i will take my crafts. 
because i am dork.
and think i can make anything i see.
even if the opportunity cost is high. 
haha accounting (i have mixed feelings about this class)
has made me think yyeeaauhhh :)
but christmas time!! really? how can i not craft!
there is a bajillion things that i want to make to deck out my home..
but since we won't even be here for christmas,
i have had to settle on just a few. 
but thats okay.
because some day i will craft my little heart out!

my little anthropologie inspired tree skirt

felt rose bud wreath

paper book wreath


  1. you are amazing. seriously. i'm in LOVE with the book page wreath. i feel like i saw something like that and yours is just amazing. Plus the tree skirt=way cute idea. you're an inspiration jess love you

  2. sarah you are so sweet!! we need to just craft together because you are quite the creator of pretty things yourself! ps. the book page wreath is REALLY easy. oh and double ps. i love your blog. you are inspiring to me! and i just love your family even though i don't know them.. for all the wholesome recreational activities they do!! as corny as that sounds LOL it is awesome!! XOXO

  3. These are AWESOME! Do you have my blog? You are so talented. Can we share our love for Anthro together?! Oh boy.

  4. oh.my.gosh. i love love love that paper wreath. very anthropologie (which of course translates to "must have, amazing, gorgeous, creative, vintagey, love it".