December 12, 2010

C H R I S T M A S 

christmas is just around the corner!
and that makes me so happy.
mostly because i love being with family.
and we're going to ohio this year. 
and the little babies are both one now.
so it is going to be heaven!
(minus the slight fact that once i finish these 18 credits of finals, i have to study for the GRE which i am taking over break... :( sad face, but i can do it!!)

so we went to the south towne expo in sandy for the christmas tree festival last weekend
it was awesome.
i got to see some of my very best friends (all my roommates last year)
and all their boyfriends! so fun.
but yes some of the trees and gingerbread houses were quite amazing.
my pictures don't do the event justice.
literally they were HUNDREDS of amazing trees.
and i guess they are auctioned for thousands of dollars for charity.
check em' out!!


1 comment:

  1. Wow, those are incredible! I would love to decorate my book shelf like the one in the 3rd picture. and that picture of you and Michael is beautiful too :) You're gorgeous!