January 13, 2011

there is a huge need for updates. 
and i have p l e n t y.
but i will just share a few. 

michael and i spent christmas in ohio
it was awesome.
after some convincing michael has fallen in love with the new pajamas on christmas eve tradition
every one was home this year. 
the babies are walking, talking, and entertaining.

we had our very first christmas and new years together.
need i say more?

i just finished a week spent in orlando florida
i got to attend the national nonprofit leadership alliance
i am motivated beyond words to change the world.
and i will.
here is a picture of the group that went from byu.

 the best part was i got to see my red headed, crazy, beautiful twin friends from new york.
we ran track together in highschool.
they introduced me to the sprinting world.
against black girls with thighs twice the size of mine.
which led to a lot of loenly finishes.
regardless random memory i remember is singing jermiah was a bullfrog 
before the start of our 4x400 relay. 
and just lots of other awesome things they taught me.
they really took me out of my comfort zone
they were kind to take me to a drag queen bingo restauraunt in downtown.
(haha i forgot what the real world was like my little provo mormon bubble
doesn't have half of the interesting people i saw just in that one restaurant.)
we then went to their apartment and caught up.
its been a long time.
and it was just lovely.
love you girls! xo
next time i will bring michael.

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  1. hahaha love the comment about you against black sprinters.