January 29, 2011

to anyone that feels like giving up today. 


i have been thinking a lot lately about life. 
weird huh? haha, but really it has hit me a bit harder than usual.
you see i often experience this thing called depression.
i don't take medication for it though.
so sometimes it catches me off guard,
and before i know it my head is telling me a billion reasons why i should hate myself.
i lose my clarity, i make rash decisions, 
and sometimes words come out of my mouth that i didnt know i had in me. 
sometimes i want to give up, i lose hope.
thats when my husband will hold me until i fall asleep.
he never gives up on me. ever.
he gives me hope.
he gives me the dearest kind of love.

we are all different
which really means we all have different struggles, aspirations, 
dreams, passions, talents, everything.
but may we dig deeper to understand each other
to help each other have hope amidst hard times
may we support people's beliefs that make them unique and special
may we be the shoulder to cry on
the ear to listen
the one who looks for good even when everything is falling apart. 

the world would be a better place if we lived
outside of ourselves,
our sometimes selfish desires,
and our unwarranted judgments 

so today be better. be someone's angel.
find someone you can help.

and don't give up if you need help
you don't have to be on your own
sometimes it just takes getting on your knees

and know that someone needs you, the very same way you needed them.


  1. Jess, this is beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  2. So grateful for this post. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Jess, you are beautiful inside and out. I agree completely and couldn't have said it better myself. You're going to be a wonderful Mother someday.

  4. jessica, i really needed this today, so thank you :)

  5. aww this almost made me cry jess! i love your honesty. you are so wise and thoughtful.

  6. thank you thank you everyone. i love the support and each of you for being such great friends.

  7. I think that this blog kind of helped me to be more open in mine.
    Life isn't perfect. Thanks for giving me hope, too!!