February 15, 2011

this is the story of a girl, 

who cried a river and drowned the whole world...

sometimes i wonder if this song was written about me
tears come easy these days
michael treated/surprised me to some kneaders breakfast yesterday and flowers.
it was just wonderful. a favorite of mine. 
and i cried. because i cry at everything.
and he was just so in tune with what a needed after a hard night
FOOD. and sugary delicious food. 
don't mind that i am cradling my fork in my hands... 

oh wait.
ha funny story time. 
last year on this exact day, i bought michael a "hunk" candy bar.
because i wanted to show him what a hunk he was. 
the hunk of my dreams. a dreamy hunk.. you get the picture.
he takes one bite out of his hunk bar. and crunch! he broke his tooth.
mind you it was valentine's day and i felt horrible.
oh but wait, it get better. 
yesterday we are joyfully loving our kneader's breakfast on the bed.
and michael is telling me how yummy it is and i am agreeing.
all smiles, so happy, cheesy as can be..
then i hear snap crackle pop. 
and yes. his tooth broke again. 
funny? yes.
coincidence? yes
me feeling horrible? yes yes yes.
due to my love of kneaders michael ended up with another chipped tooth. 
and yet again on the day of love. (some lover i am)

so off to the dentist we go. which provided us with an awesome memory.
and we got the valentine's day special (50%) so it wasn't too bad of an expense.
the day carried on as normal. we didn't have time or money to go a super hot date.
instead we just enjoyed some time together drinking HI-C orange and doing homework :)
oh but i also had some tricks up my sleeve,
i decorated his car. so CUTE! right? ha boys love crafts right?

love you my little valentine. cheers for next year going smoothly! 


  1. Great minds must think alike.. I started out my post on Valentine's Day with. "This is the story of a girl." Hahaha. Anyway, that is funny about Michael's tooth and super ironic!! You guys are adorable.

  2. That's hilarious! Not the chipped tooth, although I admit that I chuckled about that too, but the car being decorated.


  3. That is so funny about the chipped tooth! You'll have to remind Michael about the time my brother, Armando chipped his tooth the same way - except on a cup, drinking his OJ. I think it's the guys in our family...it's really bad, not to mention expensive!

  4. Jess...what a cute blog you have! And that is more then a funny story! He chipped his tooth?! Crazy! And I love that song by the way.