February 28, 2011

michael is on the tennis team again.
it was unexpected, but he's loving being back.
about three weeks ago he was asked to travel with the team and play in california
(mind you he hasn't played in over 9 months)
and he fought a good fight there.
then he came back to provo for two weekends in a row and won both his matches!
that's my boy!
he is such an inspiration to me. 
and now i get to be a little tennis player's wife, which means i am "part of the team"
haha awesome. expect some hoorah from this wife!
and i just love watching him play. i know he is so happy to be back.
(even though he is still working and taking 17 credits or so)
go cougars!

he loved his new warmup suit :) 

michael and thomas

the team

two weeks ago michael's dad and sister brittanie came to visit
we had so much fun and enjoyed lots of yummy food.
brittanie is 14 and quite the tennis player.
she is also the sweetest, most genuine girl i have ever met.
i love her to pieces!

this may be one of my favorite pictures of michael ever. 
haha he had a dentist appointment this weekend.
he was like this for a good couple of hours :)
so funny. 

we went sledding this weekend with the zivics.
michael served with damian on his mission
they are just best buds.
gabriella and i work together. she is awesome.
this was their first time sledding!

and this is our sad attempt at making a snowman

the erasos

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  1. congrats to Michael! With him competing again, does it make you miss track? With spring around the corner, it definitely feels weird... but good too. Miss you jess! Thanks for updating! It gives me some entertainment during work when I need a break.