May 8, 2011

It has been months since I have blogged,
but I promise it's for good reason.

Mother's Day is a beautiful thing.
I have gotten to spend it wonderfully.
This guy I live with made me breakfast in bed.
And then he uncovered a few gifts.
One of which was my very first pearl necklace.
He is a sweet boy.

The rest of the day has been spent with my sweet mother driving to Idaho to see her sweet mother.
Needless to say I feel very blessed and so very happy to be with the two wonderful women who have inspired me the most in my life.  And this year I got to add a third. Patricia Eraso. Three of the most elegant, charitable women I know.

This Mother's day has meant a lot more to me than ever.
As I think of the women I have been blessed with in my life, I hope I can be half the mother, half the wife, half the women of strength, courage and humility that they are.

Michael and I are pleased/excited/scared/overwhelmed/blessed/joyful (etc.) to announce..

we are expecting :) 

To every woman in my life who has blessed me with their presence, you are rubies forever in my heart.
Happy Mother's Day

jessica grace


  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!! SO Happy for you :)

  2. Congratulations!!
    Perfect description of your feelings regarding being pregnant!

  3. Congrats Jessica! I just called Christy and left her a message saying, "I saw your sister blogged after a few months of nothing and I had a feeling it was going to be big!" All three of you sisters have some fun times coming up! :)

  4. Hooray! Congratulations Jessica! :) That's so exciting!

  5. It was so fun to bump into you on campus a couple weeks ago. Congrats again! Exciting things are coming!

  6. Yay! Congrats Jess. That is so exciting. I am so happy for you. :)