June 4, 2011

Is that a baby bump I see?
Yes indeed!

This blessed little one is almost half way here,
And I can not express how very thrilled I am!
I hope he or she likes me -

Michael and I went to a play last night- he is becoming so dignified
The diary of Anne Frank. It as wonderfully done.
I am so inspired by the stories of Jews at that time.
They were so courageous and were the ultimate examples of a faithful people.

Cheers to a happy weekend!


  1. Aw you look so cute Jessica! :) Congratulations!

  2. woooo hoooo!! CONGRATULATIONS. again you are the cutest pregnant lady ever. love you

  3. SO CUTE!!!! I love the pregnant Jessica... if only I was closer to rub your belly.

  4. I found you via Vargo's blog. You better believe I'll be following you. The bump is adorable. Can't wait to find out if it's a boy or girl.

    --Caitlin Johnson