June 16, 2011

so today i finished my very last final at BYU. 

it feels crazy and like time went by way too fast!
some of my favorite memories over the past four years:


                 my very first race                                                             cross country camp {park city}
                                                                                                              with miss emily lange :)

my first trip to Hawaii {wendy, carlee, tawny, cecily, me, quebe, and anna}

corny family pictures :)

freezing cold sundance festival
best hike to mt. timpanogos
{me and katie palmer}

road trip to california {scalping tickets, roller coasters, beaches, vegas!}
kayleigh, me, katie, emily


starving with mary
 favorite cross country race in college {idaho-bob firman}

 apt 301! {minus kayleigh}
me, caitlin, mary, kaitlyn, caitlin

basketball games :) SWAT IT!
caitlin, me, jenna, maddie, ashlee, megan, emily, sarah
sledding accidents :)

two words: dance parties
80's. holler back!

sno cones with miss sarah
wedding road trips with the team
{video taping, beaches, sun burns, parties, cops, driving}

this post is taking way too long!
to be continued in part 2 tomorrow!!




  1. I am honored and so happy to be a part of some (many) of those memories. Let's grow old together. I love you!!

  2. yeah ditto to jenna. Totally pumped I made the post. Life would not be the same without you Jess. You rock my world and that black out dance party at your apartment for rachel's birthday was seriously off the HOOK.

  3. ahhh i love it!! I am so lucky to be your friend and be a part of all of these wonderful memories. We had some GOOD times haha. You are an amazing friend! Love you!