and they just keep getting bigger

October 5, 2011

Sad day for my fingers and toes, oh and my wedding ring. I have started to get very swollen as of late- {Michael refers to this as my "piggy" stage. ha! Always knows what to say, that boy.} But in all reality, it's a serious thing when you start swelling like crazy when your preggers. {preeclampsia} I met with some doctors yesterday and will return on friday to see if my blood pressure drops from resting for a few days. No, I am not bed ridden-yet, but I have been told to stop trying to be super woman and do everything that is possible in a day's time. Doc said to spend at least four to six hours laying on my left side: and hey this is a lot harder than you think! Although, I thoroughly enjoy it.

Anyway, I couldn't get my ring off for the life of me. Literally, I tried everything. Lubricant, ice water, elevating hand, lotion, butter, olive oil, windex, floss; you get the picture. To no avail, my rings stayed put. So the doctor insisted I get them cut off because my finger was a little discolored. It was so sad. I just felt so guilty cutting off something Michael worked so hard for. Lesson learned: take off your rings when they start to feel a little snug! 

I love you pregnancy! 


  1. how sad! At least you can get it put back together post-pregnancy. I know so many girls that just get a cheap ring from F21 or some other place for the last few months. Take it easy and I hope the rest of your pregnancy, labor & delivery go well for you and baby!

  2. You had to cut your rings - sooo sad!!! Will they be able to be repaired at a jewelry shop? hope so - they are beautiful...

    Ah, the joys of pregnancy! ;)

  3. Sad day!! I hope your rings get restored to their radiant original forms soon. Enjoy the rest as horrible as it is at times. I was not allowed to do anything but walk for exercise, basically, my whole pregnancy and was told to rest a lot. It's not fun, and does not help with losing weight after having the baby, but you can do it!!! Your amazing Jessica, hang in there!