October 28, 2011

My pregnancy is coming to a close. I am kind of sad about leaving this wonderful stage, however I know I have so much more to look forward to. I will miss the tender moments I share with my hubs when we giggle under the sheets how we are going to be parents soon. I will miss the movements across my tummy giving me butterflies because there is a baby in there. I will miss the sweet cravings that deliver some yummy memories with food. I will miss the long talks with other moms and moms to be sharing the wonderful experience of motherhood and all the firsts that come along with it. I will miss the long nights of no sleep {I know this is surprising} where I sit alone in the nursery rocking myself to sleep because of my own fears of being a mother. I will miss dreaming about her and wondering what she will look like. The thing I will miss most is the feeling of knowing my world is about to be turned upside down, but having the reassurance of a loving God, that all will be okay. 

I am so happy/thrilled/emotional for this little blessing to arrive. I can't wait to wake up to her every morning {and every hour in the night} right beside me :) 

Thank you to you all {family, friends, coworkers, and good people I don't even know}. For all the love, support, advice, and special moments you have shared with me throughout this pregnancy. I could never be more full of joy because of your love. xoxo

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