October 20, 2011

here he is!
Porter Nephi Swenson
Born October 20th, 6:20 pm, 8 lbs, 9 oz, 21 3/4 inches!

We are so happy for mama and baby in the safe delivery!

i get a new nephew today!!

My sister Christy and her hubby Greg are at the hospital right now getting ready to deliver their second baby. The special thing about this baby is that he is the very first grandson! And boy is the family excited. It has been so fun to be pregnant with her. It was something we always talked about, and then by surprise it actually happened! My sister in law Fran is also pregnant. So it has been such a blessing! We think that all three of them decided they wanted to come down together. I am pretty sure they were all best friends. Anyway I am SO excited. I can't stop thinking about her! We spoke a little while ago and she is just at the beginning, so it may be a long day ahead. I will post again when  he makes his grand arrival!

Congratulations and Good Luck to my sister and best friend! xoxo
Breathe deep girl!  

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  1. Yeah!!! I saw his quilt your mom is making and it is adorable!!! It makes me tired just thinking about Christy but I'm still excited...