October 24, 2011

Ever since I found out we were having a girl my little create radar has been non stop. Seriously I probably have like 1 million ideas. {no joke}. And thanks to pinterest those ideas just keep coming! I have made many little crafts for this little girl and it has been so fun! I think this is my last of baby shoes for now since Michael thinks I am going over board and I am beginning to see that he thinks I am crazy. And I am. I am obsessed with this babe and she isn't even here yet! The nursery is coming along finally. I hope to get some pictures up later this week and maybe document a few other things I have been making. 

Whew! On a side note, holy schmokes my body is sore! I woke up this morning feeling like I ran a marathon! Those lactic acid filled muscles that were once so familiar have not been present since I haven't been running much {ha. who am I kidding? haven't been running at all}. It gives me contractions. Painful ones. So anyway not sure why I woke up feeling that way, but I sure hope it was just a one time thing. I can barely get up and walk! 

PS. My good friend Jenna {we ran track at BYU together} featured my little baby shoes from this post on her blog! She and her sisters are pretty darn creative and have a lot of fun ideas there too! Check it out! http://www.addsomepaint.com/


  1. jessica these are all so adorable! can't wait for baby eraso to come!

  2. You amaze me.

    Ps, Jessica I really miss you. I think about you everyday! Love you!

  3. Thank you:) they are fun! @Jenna I miss you too girl! I hope we can see eachother soon. xoxo