for my little bird

November 1, 2011

Sorry in advance for all the pictures. I took a lot because I want to put them in a book I am making for this little lady. Please disregard the "S" above the crib. We seriously are still debating what we are going to name her, but one of the options is an S name and I just wanted to see what the letter looked like with everything. 

If you can't tell the theme was birdie. {yes, I am in love with little birds, love birds, birds, birds, birds.} I think almost everything is ready now. We got our stroller and car seat today. I just can't wait! 

So this is going to be the new home of our little munchkin in just a short while :) Enjoy! 
{FYI: most of the decorating was DIY projects. I had to be creative with no budget so I refurbished, repainted, and redesigned a lot of little things around the house, garage sales and the like. I even reupholstered the chair! That was a project that caused many a heat flashes and tears. Not an easy project.}


  1. Wow Jessica! I am SOO impressed!!! Wow, so many hours and love into that room. I wish I could see it in person.

  2. Jess!!!! Holy crap. I am also SOO impressed! You did an amazing job! It's so adorable, I love it! You should enter it into Project Nursery. They have a contest every month!

  3. wait are you serious?? this is amazing and world's CUTEST ROOM!!!! seriously though. it should be in a magazine

  4. Totally agree with Sarah and Jenna Jess you did incredible especially cause I saw it in person about 10 days ago and il just say it didn't look like it does now. He he!!! Amazing Jess incredible work!!

  5. Wow... you did an amazing job on the nursery! I am very impressed. It is so cute!

  6. I absolutely love your baby room! It is so sweet (although I will admit that the only birds I like are fake ones, or ones that are flying very far away). The colors, and the various forms of wall hangings make it very interesting to look at.