late night and twinkle lights.

November 29, 2011

My mom used to call Christmas lights twinkle lights to my baby brother and it has kind of stuck with me. I remember driving around town that was covered in a white blanket of snow, passing house after house with twinkle lights galore. We used to judge which of the houses did the best decorating job. {I always loved our house.} Upstate New York is gorgeous in the winter time. True snow fall, the kind that glitters in the sun, is something I miss. Its times like this that I wish I could go back to being a little girl. We used to get all bundled in our snow pants and winter coats, wearing mismatched gloves and hats, and play in the snow for hours. It never seemed tiring to walk up that hill in the backyard because one more ride before it was dark was totally worth it. The time would come and we would hear mom calling us back inside. We were so cold our cheeks were bright red. Often there would be mugs of steamy hot chocolate waiting and if we were lucky it had the mini marshmallows. We would take our mugs and go sit on the fireplace until our backs burned from the heat. Beautiful memories. Mmm.. those were the days.

Tonight I am laying next to my gal watching her desperately try to keep her eyelids open. Our Christmas tree is glowing in the background. I am thinking about all the things I should be doing, like cleaning my house, doing homework, maybe working on some projects. But I can't. My body is shot and like my little girl, I am fighting back droopy eyelids. This is a moment I want to remember. All the years I wished for right now, and its here. As tired as I am, I don't think I could feel more joy. I have it all. I have a warm home, a loving husband, a healthy, beautiful, baby girl, and a Christmas tree to top it off. I feel so blessed. These simple things, they make me truly happy. This is a beautiful memory. xoxo

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