oh hey nike.

November 8, 2011

My good friend Kristen Taylor {or as most people know her by "krit"} sent me these ADORABLE little baby socks! We ran cross country together in high school and she is now working at Nike headquarters as an apparel product associate. How stinkin' rad is that!? Anyway I think this is the perfect gift to start this little girl off in the right direction :) 

Krit is an amazing girl. She is also an incredible athlete. Seriously she could kill it in any sport. She played lacrosse for UNC and had an amazing career there. She inspires me so much because she is so phenomenal with athletics even though she has celiac disease. {Which to an athlete can be very scary and limiting} However, krit made decisions to rise above it and really learn how her body can still preform. She has an amazing blog dedicated to this subject which I suggest you all check out! http://www.winningwithoutgluten.com/

So many thanks to Kristen for being so thoughtful and knowing the perfect gift for this momma runner! Oh and don't worry she also threw in a super cute jacket so I can get back to my exercising in the next few months! Amazing! I think me and the babe will be making a trip to Portland to show off our gear! xoxo

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