one week.

November 20, 2011

It's hard to believe that it has already been one week since Sydney was blessed into our little family. I think this picture describes her well. All she wants is milk! When her little tummy starts rumbling she makes these little "o" shapes with her mouth and starts moving her head in every direction looking for her momma. I have never loved being so needed! It has been a hard week, but a very special one. Here is a little list of ten things I have learned in this first week.

1. When they say labor is harder than anything you can imagine, they weren't kiddin'.
2. Always keep a diaper under your baby's bottom, because mid change she might explode all over your bed spread. 
3. It's been quite an adventure when 10 pm hits. It usually results in me having an emotional breakdown, feeling a little defeated. But, I am slowing learning how to cope with a crying baby that can't tell me whats wrong. I just love her so much those cries make me cringe. 
4. A thousand pictures a day? Yes please. She changes every second. Can she please just stay little for a long time?
5. My favorite moment: My little brother taylor screaming/laughing so hard when little Syd exploded on him while he was holding her. Something to the effect of "grrrrooooossssss!!" was all I heard amidst his outburst.  
6. The human body has a miracle recovery mechanism. Boy am I grateful. I thought I would never be able to walk/get out of bed/sleep/bend over/etc. ever again.
7. Mom's are heaven's little helpers. I could not be more thankful for my mom being here to help. She knows the answer to everything and has been so wonderful taking care of Michael and I too. 
8. Showers, although few and far between are the perfect fix to make you feel like you can stay awake, even though you didn't sleep one minute the night before.
9. Babies are angels. There is nothing more perfect.
10. Swollen toes, fingers, cheeks and pretty much every body part for the last 9 months and counting? One hundred percent worth it.


  1. Totally understand everything you put down. SO TRUE! My first experience as a mom was with a boy, so the diaper changing thing was slightly different. (More like duck and cover) :) But I'm glad that you are recuperating. And yes-showers do make a HUGE difference to the day!

  2. Just so you know, the emotional break downs at night are pretty normal for first time moms, so don't feel bad EVER! You are taking care of someone else for 24 hours a day and when you are her only source of food, it can get really overwhelming, really fast. Just take small breaks when you can!