still kicking

November 8, 2011

We are just playing the waiting game it seems, which doesn't bother me much. My body hasn't hit super contractions yet, so I am still feeling relatively well. However, can I please just say how excited I am to have her. I just want to hold her so bad. 

I have taken to walking a lot lately which is just wonderful to me. I love the weather right now - the crisp air, the fall smells, and the beautiful display of leaves. It's so special to me that I will be having a baby during my favorite part of the year! Ashleigh Jameson, a good friend who played soccer for BYU often joins me on walks and we have had some good laughs about birth and the whole process. 

As some of my close girl friends are aware I am looking forward to a natural birth. The process of deciding this route was unfortunately fueled by fear. {a GREAT fear of needles and the like}. However, I decided to do some educating because I knew how seriously many woman take this subject. I read a book about natural birthing at about 30 weeks in my pregnancy. I was expecting to be blown away, but man, I was really blown away. It gave me so much empowerment and supported my beliefs that pregnancy and birth doesn't have to be a scary, painful process. {this is when most women who have had children tune me out and say well you haven't gone through it, so you have no idea!} This is very true, I don't have any idea what it will be like, but through discovering my body's natural coping strategies and practicing a lot of relaxation, I know what my body is capable of. I mean I used to live to run like hell on a 12 miler hilly course. I love the feeling of pushing my body past its "limitations" and reaching a level of euphoric energy. It is something I can't really describe or explain, but I love it. 

The birthing body is perfect in design. I know it has capabilities that I am not even aware of yet, but have seen glimpses throughout my pregnancy. I am so excited to tap into that. With the absence of fear our minds can handle more than we know. 

Even with all that said, birthing is an extremely personal experience and everyone {rightfully so} has their own views and plans. Mine may turn right upside down with complications or other circumstances. But what it comes down to is every woman makes their own choice knowing their own bodies and how they want to bring these sweet little ones into the world and that is BEAUTIFUL. 

Needless to say I am thrilled to complete this final stage especially with the amazing support of my husband, who has been so excited about everything. However it turns out, I know that for me I want to see what my body can do so I am doing everything I can to prepare. I just love my body. {I know that sounds so weird!} But sometimes I just want to say hey you're doing so good and I am so proud of you! Seriously though, it is so amazing how the body copes with all these changes. 

Due date is November 14th, goodness I am so excited! 


  1. Great post Jessica! I think its amazing that you are doing a natural birth. I am already so ready to meet my little guy and I have 8 more weeks. I can only imagine how you are feeling. And with your darling nursery its no wonder you want her here! Good luck with everything! I am so excited for you. You are going to be an outstanding mommy!

  2. I really liked this post :) what is the name of that book? I'd like to read it for when we're ready for our third! I tried going natural with my first, but he was 9lbs 7oz and face up so it was a very hard delivery. They ended up taking the epidural out bc they thought I wasnt pushing hard enough, and I felt everything, soI may as well have gone natural. Nevertheless, bringing a baby into this world is the most amazing thing a woman can experience, so i'm very happy and excited for you.