confessions from a first time momma

December 14, 2011

Never mind the fact that I didn't brush my teeth until 8:30 PM tonight.
Or that most days I don't get a shower for a day or too.
Or that I constantly smell like milk.
Or that I don't sleep very well.
Or that I run my back into the tub faucet every time I give Sydney a bath. 
Or that I break out every day because I am a stress case.
Or that my house is a disaster, every single day.
Or that I have spilled precious milk after I spend 15 minutes pumping and cry for a good half hour. 
Or that my poor husband hasn't had a meal made by his wife in weeks {except maybe twice}
Or that I would rather hold my little girl than do my homework, or anything for that matter.
Never mind it all, because honestly who cares?
I have the sweetest smiles to wake up to every morning by my one and only little babe. 
She makes it all more than worth it.
Oh how I love her!! 
Life is beautiful.


  1. Amen girl. Amen. :) You'll get those other things in order with time. And I totally understand the sadness and frustration in spilling pumped milk.

  2. Ditto on the spilling of pumped milk. I burst into tears the first time I did that...