growing up: letters to my girl

December 13, 2011

Happy one month my little angel!

Dear Sydney,
Time has flown by! I cannot believe it has been a whole month since you first arrived. I feel so blessed and happy to have you. You have had a very hard first month. I think this picture shows it best. The doctor thinks you have colic. Which honestly, I don't really understand. All I know is you cry all the time and nothing we do seems to help. It is heart breaking. But we have found that you love car rides. It must be the noise and the bumpy-ness. You also love to take baths and be cuddled so tight and close. I am trying my very hardest to understand your needs and I think all the hard work is finally coming around. You have the cutest little face and the most darling facial expressions. You are starting to smile, but only for quick second. We are getting excited to share our very first Christmas with you! You are going to be going on your very first plane ride all the way to California. Your Abuela and Abuelo Eraso and Tia Diana are just dying to see you. Oh baby girl we just love you. I hope me and you will continue to bond and figure all this out {we are both new to it all!}. You are my sunshine. I love you forever and always. xo

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  1. My baby had colic, and it was so so so so hard. He didn't really grow out of it until he was six months old, and now he is an angel. It gets better! Hang in there!!