happy friday!

December 2, 2011

I love when she falls asleep while I rub her little tummy. Today we made it through a bath with no screams and my goodness that means its a GREAT day. 

This week has definitely been one of the hardest of my life. But thankfully, I have had a lot of help from Michael and a few other angels {Cindy Pearce, my mom, my siblings}. But one thing is for sure: I am so thankful for a car and a stroller! This little gal just loves to be moving. Which really means my body got a rude awakening with a few three hour walks - even twice in the same day! I think I am slowly figuring out how to do this. Trial and Error!! 

So how will you be spending this first weekend of the holiday season? Michael and I will be attending a holiday party and maybe heading up to Salt Lake for Music and the Spoken Word by the Tabernacle Choir. I love hearing them sing, I really hope Sydney will have a good morning on Sunday so we can go {even if really I will probably be listening in the mother's lounge instead of in the actual tabernacle}. Another item on the to do list this weekend: find some superb hot cocoa. Any suggestions you Utahers? Send them my way!!

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  1. you want stephens hot cocoa... its only in Utah, and Elyse brought it back to NY when I was like 10 and i love it so much when i was there this summer I brought close to $30 back home with me to last me awhile!!! They have so many flavors too! I love the chocolate cherry, and white chocolate, and chocolate mint... but regular is great too!!! Your little girl is so beautiful congratulations Jess!