great grandma love.

January 12, 2012

Over break we took the opportunity to go visit my grandma up the mountain in Big Bear. The drive was beautiful - breathtaking actually. It reminds me more of home whenever we go up there. {the lake, the trees, the snow..} I was so excited to see my grandma because I know it had been a hard year for her. My grandpa passed away in August before Sydney got a chance to meet him. We were greeted with lots of love, sushi and homemade fudge. It was delicious. We were able to catch up for a few hours and take the opportunity to share stories. Really blissful. I was so happy my grandma got to meet our little one. Sydney loved her. These experiences just show me how life has really come full circle. This lovely woman raised my dad, who raised me, and now I get the opportunity to have children. Beautiful isn't it? Anyway this was certainly a highlight of our break! 

As for blogging, I know it has been a while! I really needed a break from life after finals were finished. So I gave myself a few weeks to really just focus on me and the mental/emotional part of me. Having a baby is difficult because all of the sudden your world changes. It is the most beautiful, amazing, fulfilling event, but it is also taxing on your body and mind. It was very nice to have a break and be able to spend some time getting my strength back after an overwhelming few weeks of December. California brought sunshine, exercise, reading, reflecting, family, and happiness back into my life. I so thankful we had to opportunity to go. If I could sum up my break in a few words it would be: salsa dancing, food, and family time. It was more than I could ask for. Thank you Eraso family for everything! xo

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