growing up: letters to my girl

January 13, 2012

Happy two months my little angel!

Dear Sydney,
You are a very active little girl. You have started to be much more observant to everything around you. I love when you just stare into my eyes. I think you know me :) I think little birdie was the perfect theme for you because you move your head side to side so fast that you remind me of a bird! You are cooing and making all sorts of noises constantly. Your smiles are SO beautiful and SO big. We LOVE them. You sleep through the night pretty well and have been for weeks. Every day I am amazed by how much you have grown. You are becoming quite the little diva-  mommy and daddy are wrapped around your fingers. I wish you could stay this little forever. You are so perfect! I love you & daddy loves you. You are the biggest blessing in our life! We love you forever and always! xo

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! I know we have a lot planned. Two month shots today at the doctors and Michael's first tennis match. Happy Friday! xo


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