me and muh girl

January 30, 2012

Sorry folks! No smiles from this little gal today. We tried, but she was just in chill mode. But, this last picture is a pretty impressive face if you ask me! 

Not too much going on over here this week. I think its time to tackle the house and make a DI/Salvation Army run. Yesterday I had the opportunity to go Visiting Teaching. Not sure if I have mentioned it previously, but Michael and I are attending a Spanish church right now. We have been since about April. It has been really helpful for me to be pushed to learn since we would really like to teach Sydney. Most of the time it ends up being REALLY embarrassing and awkward for me because I get so nervous when I speak to people. Ah! Pray for me okay? I really need to get this down sooner or later. I know it will be very special for Michael's family if I can do it! Anyway back to what I was saying... Yesterday I went visiting teaching {which, for those of you who don't know, is a program set up for the ladies in our church in which we visit each other once a month - you get paired up with another lady and go visit a few other ladies to share with them a spiritual message and just become friends, lend a helping hand, support each other, etc.} Basically, its awesome. If you want to learn more check it out here. Both of the sisters my companion and I teach are fabulous. They are both from Mexico and have four kids. They live in very humble circumstances. While we were visiting with one of the sisters she mentioned that she really needed a pair of shoes. She had one pair of sneakers and one pair of church shoes. She mentioned money was tight at the moment and her kids needed more than she did, so she was going to have to wait a while. She said she had faith that things would work out. I was so impressed by her testimony. It made me reflect a lot last night where my priorities are. I find myself rarely satisfied with what I do have at times. Instead of looking upward for my approval, I often look outward. So I made some commitments to myself to be more thankful and to realize how much I take for granted. I have SO much. I have a family {and a lovely new daughter}, I have a roof over my head, blankets to keep me warm, food to keep me healthy, and many other things. But those things don't give me the happiness that my faith gives me. I know God is watching over our family and providing for us every step of the way. What a blessing! Anyway, This experience really meant a lot to me and I hope it can be of some use to you!

To having one more day!

PS. If you have any extra shoes please let me know. There are many dear sisters and children in our church who are in need. Shoot me an email and we can arrange something!