day of love.

February 15, 2012

Yesterday started and ended wonderful but the in between was a disaster. Sydney had a really hard day yesterday and it proved to be very overwhelming for her momma. Luckily she calmed down once we left the house to go to dinner. I made her a little valentines outfit and her first little valentines cake. I wish she could eat it! I am very thankful for my little family. 


  1. I seriously thought that cake was a picture you got off the internet!! How cute are those hearts on top?! I need you to teach me how to use my sewing machine because Sydney's little outfit is ADORABLE:))) Love and miss you tons!! xoxo

  2. aw thanks! it wasn't too hard to sew together quick :) and yes i found a recipe of the cake on pinterest and thought i would attempt to make it! haha my colors aren't as great as the one I saw but I threw some glitter dusted felt hearts on top and it turned out okay!! :) miss you xoxo