February 7, 2012

So my inner i need to make my house pretty even if we wont live here for a long time because i just have to be able to feel like its home radar went off this weekend. So, I geeked out on crafts. Like really geeked out. The first of these crafts was painting and reupholstering my kitchen table and chairs. All I did was paint the frames a turquoise/blue color and hot glue some fabric around the seats. {I was too lazy to staple gun}. Anyway, they turned out very pretty and feminine and old country and vintagey. Then I realized I live with a man. And I felt very bad for my decision to "girlify" our kitchen. Whoops! haha Michael was very kind, but equally as kind, told me it was a little feminine - it doesn't exactly spell MAN anywhere. He's right. I someday owe him a very manly table and chairs... someday. For now, these will do! So there is a dose of DIY inspiration. New paint and fabric goes a long way! More projects to show this week. 


  1. Jessica, these chairs are amazing! If he doesn't like the chairs he can sit on the floor, or go make his own chairs :) I don't think they're feminine at all, they're just chairs - beautiful, beautiful chairs. <3

    1. Plus, when you sit on them... you cover the girly part! LOL!