February 28, 2012

Meet Becca and Allie:

I got a package from these two lovely ladies this week that made my day {THANK YOU}. It was so them. Hippie, green, peace-y, and beautiful. Couldn't be more happy they are starting Sydney off in the right direction. If I tried to describe these girls, you just wouldn't get it. They are probably the most fun, blunt, crazy, daring, honest, and thoughtful people you will ever meet. I still remember the very first day I saw them. Indoor track practice, in come the red haired, gorgeous twins {with rockin bodies mind you}, more intimidating than anything I have ever experienced. But, they soon became my relay buddies and soon after some of my very best friends. I love them and their spontaneity, their attitude {which I think zelo, davis, and aris all saw}, and their awesome tie-dye. {and yes, I still have your senior pictures- haha} so here's to a little reminiscing. 

christmas party 2005?
they came to support us after we won nationals 
oh man. forever ago.. not sure what meet this was
christmas party
my very first track banquet. so many beauties! 

and because I was searching, here's a few of my favorites:
me and hil at track banquet FRESHMAN year. so long ago! - start of our friendship
aw :) our little senior crew!
this night was so fun. indoor track meet and random run around the streets of syracuse
typical. no words.
our Nike Team Nationals Picture. love these girls. love green lakes.
outdoor track 2007. 
baby mackenzie and the girls and our symbols. 

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