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February 9, 2012

I have had a few friends send me messages and ask me what I love/need/had to have being a momma. I did the very same thing when I was pregnant. I asked as many woman as possible what they loved/needed/had to have. It was so helpful to hear other people's advice because let's be honest: there is WAY too much baby stuff out there. Half of which, really isn't necessary. At all. Nada. So I have compiled a short list of things that I absolutely love, many of which have been lifesavers {and many of which were gifts}! This is just a few of my favorites, not an essentials list. If you are curious for more things that I really think are essential just shoot me an email and I would be happy to elaborate!

1. L'occitane Organic Pure Shea Butter: This stuff is a little expensive, but amazing. It has helped so much with stretch marks. I wish I would have used it during my pregnancy too, but it has made a world of difference post baby. I promise this stuff is worth it. 
2. My Little Snuggabunny Swing {Fischer Price}: Sydney loves this awesome machine. It is HUMUNGO, like takes up a quarter of our living room, but really it is so awesome. With lots of tunes, little flying birdies and different swinging motions, its a keeper. 
3. Lulu Wrap: Okay so this gem is one of a kind and many woman think its the best! It distributes the weight of the baby much more efficiently. And they are super cute - lots of color choices! I got the magenta and black one :)
4. Baby Bjorn Infant Carrier: I also love this little carrier because it is so sturdy for hikes and long walks. It also allows for a little more freedom for my little gal who loves to observe and move her head like crazy. Plus, its more manly suited for the Mr. Eraso so he can carry his babe in style. 
5. Aden and Anias Bamboo Swaddle Blankets: These are the softest, most beautiful, lovely blankets. I LOVE them. These were recommended to me {Katie Leavitt :)} and I am so thankful because they are so so nice. I seriously am smiling writing about them. Thats how weird I am and thats how much I love them. 
6. Motherlove Nipple Cream: My sweet sister Christy sent this to me when I was still pregnant. She had heard wonderful things about it, so we were both able to try it out. It is magical. Truly. I have had to order more because I just ran out, but this is a much needed item for breastfeeding moms.
7. Bluum Mom+Baby Box: Okay so I have heard the greatest things about this little box. I receive my first one in about a week. But essentially these two moms created a company where they test out the best baby and mom products and send you a box full of samples to try out yourself. AH-mazing. I am so excited to get my first box and see what is inside! 
8. Boppy Pillow: Love this little pillow. It has been so helpful when feeding Sydney. Especially the first couple weeks when you are not used to holding a baby and your arms feel like they will fall off. Plus its super comfy for her to sit in. 
9. Mom's One Line a Day Journal: Okay I love this. I received this as a gift, which I am sure this person had no idea what a horrible journal writer I can be. It is so sad, I try so hard, but it is not a gift of mine. However this little journal has space for just two or three sentences a day for 5 years. It so much easier for me {and I am hoping will propel me to be an excellent journal writer}. It helps to record those baby milestones. Love it!
10. Chicco KeyFit 30 Travel System: Okay so I researched strollers pretty much my whole pregnancy. I probably looked at like a thousand different ones. For reals. No joke. And I probably cried a million times because I couldn't find one that met all my requirements... Jogging, car seat adaptable, bassinet, converts to a double, etc. Basically we needed to go simple so we could afford it. I wanted the Stokke so badly, but honestly $1000 dollars + for a stroller was WELL out of the picture. This was much more affordable and came in a basic color which I really wanted. It is perfect and has turned out to be a great purchase. We really love Chicco. 

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