confessions from a first time momma

March 29, 2012

No make up. Messy hair. Sleep deprived. Hello crazy baby sleep schedule.

I haven't been posting that much this week because honestly I haven't had the energy. Sydney is going through some schedule adjustments of waking up at least every hour through the night. It has been a wake up call {quite literally} for me this week {even though we are three weeks in the making}. What happened to my perfect little sleeper!? Anyway, I have been either sleeping every chance I get or working on a pretty big project that is pushing me in every way possible. So, some advice on sleep training? Please do. To all you mommas- please tell me what worked, what didn't, etc. Any books to read? {Tracy Jackson I know you had good experiences with sleeping babies}. 

Well, for what it's worth {a confession or two, or three, or TEN}.
1. You might cry when your baby is constipated and she pushes so hard her face turns red and tears are rolling down her cheeks. Or you might sob right a long with her. Yes, I did.
2. Not knowing the last time you washed your hair is probably a sign to get in the shower {asap}.
3. Going for walks with a babe is great. Actually, amazing- for both you and the babe. 
4. Oh wait, they were for real when they said you would lose all your luscious locks from pregnancy? Yes, yes they were.
5. Baby attempting to crawl might make you the craziest mom ever. Seriously the pitch of my voice goes up like 10 notches I get so excited.
6. Spit up on every time you actually get dressed for the day? Expect it.
7. Falling in love all over each time she smiles at me is a daily occurrence. It will never ever get old. 
8. Baby weight is hard to lose. I don't care what anyone says. 
9. One thing to lift your spirits every once in a while is reminiscing with your better half about your love story. Seriously Michael remembers everything- all the little quirky details. I just love hearing him tell me when he knew he loved me, so so sweet. 
10. I love my Michael and my Sydney. They've got my heart. xo


  1. I read "healthy sleep habits happy child", it was amazingly helpful for us. When Landon has difficult times sleeping, there is usually something in the book that explains what he is going through. Just understanding what is going on with your baby can be so helpful! Back around when Landon was 7 or 8 months he didn't want to sleep, he wanted to play all the time. I eventually had to let him cry it out (while I sat outside the door crying too), it was the hardest thing in the world, but I knew he needed sleep. I tried everything and that was the only thing that worked. So, try everything you can, you know your baby best and when all else fails sometimes you have to let them figure out how important sleep is. The schedule transitions when they drop naps are the hardest times, it gets better!

    P.S. Landon ran up to the computer and was pointing at your picture, he wanted to sit and stare at you. That means he thinks you are pretty, even without makeup. He likes pretty ladies, haha.

  2. i love this. awww she is such a little sweetheart!

  3. Oh man I feel for you!! I used BabyWise. It's pretty strict, so I altered it a little to fit what I was comfortable with, but the basic principles of it have helped a lot! Charlotte sleep 11+ hours a night w/ 2 naps a day and I attribute it to that! When she was around 4 mo I remember her waking up more and wondering what happened too! Another thing that helped was having her go to bed without her pacifier. It sounds backwards but she slept better. Or try oatmeal before bed too if she's eating rice cereal yet. Good luck!! I know how frustrating and exhausting that can be!

    PS Chase and I had Tracy Jackson at BYU too! She is the bomb!!!

  4. Jessica! First off, just know you are doing a great job and are an exceptional mother! Katie hit home run because the book "healthy sleep habits happy child" eases every sense of worry, I swear. I started putting Myles in his crib last week because I needed to get a break. He was sleeping with me every night, glued to my side, and Taylor couldn't even sleep in the same bed because Myles would wake him up with his groaning or breathing. So the cry it out thing is SUPER hard the first few nights but the cries are now shorter (less than 10 minutes) and he's out. I sobbed the first night because I was so worried about abandonment, etc. So I would go in every 5 minutes and say "Myles, mom is here" repeated while patting his back. It helped the first few nights, but I don't anymore. He goes to sleep pretty quick now (as I said under 10 minutes). And the glorious thing about it is he gets good sleep and I get good sleep, and Taylor gets to sleep with me. He only wakes up once during the night for a feeding vs. the three he used to wake up for. His sleep periods are 4-6 hour blocks and while he slept with me they used to be 2-3 hour blocks. It's crazy how it changed but honestly Jess you will know what is best for Sydney so just trust your intuition and get the book! I got it on amazon for 28 cents (used of course) and paid four dollars for shipping... I would definitely buy a copy because then you can write in it. Anyways, I wish you luck. And remember, as hard as it is-- its so so worth it. Love ya!

  5. Ha - those celebrities look so amazing because they have personal trainers and personal chefs. Don't compare yourself to them!

    About sleep - what kind of method are you looking for? A cry-it-out technique or a more gentle one? I ditto the recommendation on "healthy sleep habits, happy child". There are times when I thought the book is a bit harsh in it's recommendations (it does employ "crying it out", which I did use for 2 of my children in some form, though not exactly as the book describes it), but I got a much better understanding from it when it comes to babies sleep habits and I got a ton of good advice. I also loved "the no-cry sleep solution" by Elizabeth Pantley. Vastly different than the previous book mentioned, but having three kids, I can tell you that different things work for different kids, so I had to use different methods for all three of my babies (cry-it out did NOT work on my second daughter).
    I will recommend that you not try to sleep train her until she is 4 months old and ready - physically and psychologically - to be put on a more stict sleep schedule. I think she is about 4 months old now, right? If so, get on it. The longer you wait to break bad sleep habits, the more resistant the baby becomes and the harder it is on everyone. Having two VERY bad sleepers for babies, I can completely empathize with you. Good luck!

  6. I am so sorry! You have to be completely exhausted. Our little Eloise has been such an amazing sleeper for the last few weeks. I know it won't last, and I'm dreading it. At least you still look great!

  7. Oh Jess, I think you look so good post-baby! You are a hot new mama, and more than that, I love reading about how much you love your little girl and your hubby! I hope the sleeping improves soon. I'm rooting for you :)

  8. you are so cute. i really don't have any tips to give you except go with your gut, and don't stress about it. every mama and baby are different, so you just have to figure out what works for you, and don't worry that it's not perfect! maybe she is going through growth spurt? and is super hungry all night? just cherish these days where you get to spend so much sweet time with her. our babies are growing so fast!!!

  9. The baby whisperer.... best book ever. Or it might be called secrets of the baby whisper. Google it. Trust me!! Good luck...

  10. I can't give you a tried and true put-baby-to-sleep method, or any for that matter...But I can say, you sure are beautiful Jess!

  11. I agree with Jenn's comment up above, You are an amazing mom and just remember that babies and children go through episodes where their sleeping is disturbed. Teething and growth spurt are huge factors. So a lot of it is just part of the process and so don't worry too much. It seems Annie and Porter both have weeks where they are sleeping so well then out of no where their little routine falls apart.
    I think when you are not at home that also plays a huge part, its amazing but babies sure seem to know a lot! haha I love you my sweet sister so proud at what you are doing right now.

  12. darling girl, motherhood is HARD! it comes with many sleepless nights that can often leave you feeling defeated. i have had my share. i also recommend healthy sleep habits, happy child. it's great. tweak it to meet your family needs. that's what we did. i also loved happiest baby on the block and am currently reading happiest toddler on the block now that my baby is 14 months and giving me SASS! (already?!)

    also, just a note on the pregnancy weight loss. i saw that you linked me, and i just wanna say, every woman's body is different. everyone gains, loses and adjusts at their own pace. pregnancy is different for everyone- and our bodies all handle it differently, too. comparing ourselves never does any good! EVER! the most important thing to always remember is that you are a beautiful daughter of God, and that you are YOU. no one else gets to be you! (also, not that it matters what i think you look great!)