March 23, 2012

Sydney and I went for a little walk yesterday in which she kept look back and me and flashing this smile. Oh and those blue eyes! Goodness gracious this little girl is so lovely! I love her more than words and I have been truly full of joy at the little bond we have formed over the last few months. She's got my heart!

I can't believe it's Friday already! That means Sydney and I have been in Ohio for more than week. We have had so much fun being here and I really look forward to the next two weeks with my family. I miss Michael dearly, but I would be alone in Utah right now because he is traveling with the team anyway. So it is great timing for me to be here. 

Any fun plans for the weekend? I think we are going out for Sushi tonight and I may have a sister date to the movies with Benjamin. {PS. the other night he came downstairs and asked for some fashion advice, aka which polo out of the 5 would go best with his outfit tomorrow.. I LOVE HIM}

see ya next week :)

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