March 8, 2012

Oh this week has been wonderful. I kind of disappeared from the world of the internet for a few days. I wanted to focus on some scripture reading and journal writing in my free time and it was wonderful to do some pondering and reflecting on my life. I can't believe my little Sydney is going to be 4 months this coming week. It makes me so happy to watch her grow and learn new things, but so sad because I will never be able to reverse it - soon enough she will be calling me up telling me she wants to get married! But really, the moments are tender and ones I hope I can hold onto forever. 

This picture was taken a few minutes before we left the hospital to bring our daughter home. I can't explain exactly how I felt. It was scary, exciting, happy, daunting, amazing, and surreal all in one. Now I look back and realize how I had no idea what I was about to do. Bringing home a baby is possibly one of the most lively experiences. Not only joyous, but real. Real life. And how I wouldn't change a thing now that she's here. I just love my little girl to pieces. 

This week has brought some new opportunities and new decisions. I wish I was good at making decisions. It's a process I continue to learn each time I am presented with one. As difficult as it can be for me {tears, stress, anxiety} I am sure feeling blessed. Love to each of you and all your support! xo

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  1. New opportunities sound fun... I hope you share with us :)