some front porch lovin'

March 19, 2012

We made it to Ohio safely and for the most part drama free. We were lucky enough to have my brother and his his sweet wife Fran come visit with their little babes {Penelope and CJ}. Penny is a doll and so grown up. I guess that's what happens when you live across the country from family. Yesterday in Church she kept telling me I had pretty pink lips and that she wanted pink lips. So, after convincing her papa, I put a little lip shimmer on her and she was one happy girl. Oh how I hope we go to medical school on the east coast. I love being with family. Can't wait for the next few weeks! I hope everyone had a great weekend!



  1. You all are so dang cute! love the pics jess

  2. Josh just aught to get over that one. :) Little girls LOVE to put on make-up. I remember whenever I babysat little Maddie McCann we'd put on make-up. Her mom finally got her a little kdi play set since she kept trying to sneak her mom's and messing it up. lol And, these pictures are sweet.