the weekend

March 5, 2012

We had a late night Friday night. We were up until 4 am after Michael's match that didn't end until 12:30. So we are still trying to catch up on sleep over here. He played amazing. Seriously I need to brag about him for a second. Michael is a very busy man. Most days he leaves the house around 6:30 am, goes to practice, then to classes all day, spends time with tutors or in labs, has practice, races home to eat dinner for a few minutes then goes to his MCAT class for three hours then comes home or to the library to finish homework until about midnight {yes super long run on sentence, sorry!}. He is superman. When he gets home all he wants to do is hold Sydney and she just loves it. Anyway, before his match this weekend he had a few rough nights of sleep after finishing the last of 5 midterms. He also hurt his back lifting earlier in the week. But, somehow he was a fighter. He helped to clinch both the doubles and singles victories for his team which secured their win over Boise State. I could not have been more proud. He played with so much confidence and passion. I just loved watching him in his element. So if you want to see a short highlight video, head on over to the mens tennis website. I love you Michael Eraso! You are my inspiration!

On another note, 
the winner of the oysters with pearls giveaway was Diana Sweet!
I will be sending your necklace off today {since I already have your address!} Thanks for all the support from everyone!  I will be releasing a few more necklaces within the coming weeks if people are really interested. Please spread the word! xoxo

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  1. First, reading about my bro and how hard he works and how much you two love and support each other made me cry!

    And then, reading that I won the Oysters with Pearls give away made me cry even more! I never win anything! Thank you!

    Love you guys so much!