confessions from a first time momma

April 19, 2012

I have been posting confessions from my little motherhood journey for a few months now. I have received enormous feedback and support from these simple musings. My friend Tracie asked if we could collaborate on a little momma post every once in a while to offer advice to other new moms like us. Our friend Mary is going to help us as well. So, every two weeks we will be do a little post about our latest momma confessions. This week is simple and we hope you enjoy! 
Check out Tracie's confessions here and Mary's here. {if their posts aren't up yet, they will be sometime this morning!}

10 things I would tell a new momma
1. You are young and inexperienced, but that's okay. You will learn. It is in you to be a mom, just have a little courage and keep trying. 
2. Don't push your child to reach milestones he/she isn't ready for. Enjoy their sweet way of exploring and trying new things as they are able. Those charts and books and other babies are just that- charts and books and other babies. 
3. There may come a time, or many, where you feel overwhelmed, exhausted, emotionally unstable, or alone. Your husband might not understand. You might envy that he gets to leave the house or take a shower or sleep through the night. These are normal feelings. It doesn't mean you are a bad mother, but maybe you could use some help. Don't be afraid to ask. Sometimes a few hours alone can do wonders {for both you and your babe}.
4. Being a mother means learning to care about someone else more than yourself. This takes time and effort. 
5. Falling in love all over again with your spouse when you deliver your first baby is beautiful and real, but life changes quickly after. Be prepared to work a little harder to keep your love alive. Don't let motherhood be an excuse not to get ready or dolled up often. Believe me you will feel better too!
6. Holding your baby is so heavenly and in my opinion brings you closer to God. Cherish those moments. Babies still have a little bit of heaven lingering in them. 
7. Your dear husband will bring something completely different and special to your baby. Encourage him and support him as he learns this new role of being a parent. 
8. Don't stress about weight loss/exercise the minute those "three to six" weeks are up. You are still learning to be a mommy and shouldn't put that added pressure on yourself! 
9. Come what may and love it. There will be days where everything goes wrong. But one thing I have learned is my attitude changes everything. Search for the good and you will find yourself much happier.  Don't be afraid to laugh it off. 
10. Remember now is a time reserved for you to grow as a woman, with a child ever at your side. The strength you will gain throughout your journey of motherhood will someday provide the strength needed to let those sweet children fly on their own. 


  1. Love this Jessica! You said a lot of things better than I did. Especially love the part about babies being heavenly. So true!

  2. Jess I love the way you articulate your thoughts and feelings. Its so clear to me every time i read your blog how much love you hold and what a positive outlook you have on being a mother. you are a great example and so many moms need to see that. love you.

  3. Love love love this! And I TOTALLY needed it. You're awesome.

  4. I love this post! Just found your blog via pinterest and I am in love! Newest follower :)