growing up: letters to my girl

April 17, 2012

My dearest Sydney,
You reached the 5 month mark and have your momma in tears every time she thinks about it! The time is quickly passing and I pray often that it slows just so I can enjoy this stage a little while longer. You have grown so much in the last month. Tummy time is finally becoming something you enjoy. Your little head wobbles less each time. Every morning when mommy and daddy come into your room you tilt your head back to find us and smile like you were waiting all night to see us. Your daddy just about loses it every time you do. We feel so blessed to have such a happy little spirit in our home. Your giggles are coming I just know they are! You try so hard but most of time we just get some high squeaks. However, they are the cutest high squeaks. You are talking up a storm these days. I just observe you and wonder what you are trying to tell me. The other night you feel asleep on my chest like old times. I wanted to just hold you forever like that. You are so independent now, so those moments are few. We visited Grandma and Grandpa Hauser {and Uncle Ben- your favorite} this month in Ohio. You are so loved by them and my goodness you were such a good baby while we were there. You enjoyed your first cereal and baby food with Grandma. She loves you so- always asking about your sweet smile. Whenever Grandpa was around you would follow him with your eyes. You loved it when he held you close. It must have reminded you of daddy. It was so sweet to see how much you loved your grandpa. Oh Sydney you are growing too fast! You have the sweetest personality and I swear you light up every room you enter. I love you so much and daddy does too. We can't wait to see you keep learning new things. 


  1. Cutest little girl ever! awww this is so sweet!

  2. She has the cutest smile! I am so jealous she smiles for your photos. Isla gives me the stone face whenever my phone or camera is out.

  3. She keeps getting cuter and cuter, I can't believe it!! Love you!